How to give art as a gift - pet portraits

This holiday season, giving art as a gift can insert new meaning into the holidays for the most special people in your life.  Check out these tips for giving art as a gift for customers and clients, family or friends, and make a decision to give something that is unique…something that will be appreciated long after the apparel and gift cards and electronics have been forgotten.

How To Give Art As A Gift:

  • “Stealth” gift research: One sure way to see if a particular type of artwork is the right one is to share it with someone and simply ask them. Share a Facebook page that has images from an artist you like, or  send them a link to an online art gallery where they can see a number of pieces.  Ask them which ones they like the best.
  • Look for themes and colors that match the recipient.  Are they upbeat and gregarious? A vibrant piece of artwork might suit them best!  For those that love the country, a Fox print or a rich Rooster print will be much appreciated.  African wildlife art is always a unique and colorful addition to a home or office setting.
  • A personal touch…even when giving art as a gift to a corporate client!  Perfect for both local and regional companies, as well as anyone who loves the Saratoga and Upstate NY region, the Nick Martinez online shop has a number of paintings that provide a connection between the businesses and the people they serve. Your artwork gift in their waiting room or conference room? Priceless!
  • Quality presentation.  A limited edition Giclee print, signed and numbered by the artist, or a limited edition offset lithograph shows that you value fine artwork and want to share it.
  • The setting…Do they have a small apartment where a large piece would be out of place?  Or a large conference room where a smaller painting might just fit a particular spot? Is their home or office a particular style, where a certain type of painting or color would look best? Of course you don’t know where it will end up, but thinking it through before choosing a piece will go a long way. Need help choosing a painting? Contact me!
  • Man’s best friend: One of the most popular art gifts are dog or pet portraits! You can commission a portrait of your pet that will be treasured forever.

Learn how to give art as a gift this holiday season for all of your most important gift recipients: family, friends, and corporate clients.  Contact me for information on commission artwork, Adirondack landscapes or a pet portrait of your four-legged friends.