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Nick Martinez Art Paintings 2007

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  • “Barbaro”


    Barbaro was foaled April 29, 2003.  He was an American thoroughbred, and was the people’s horse.  He was undefeated going into the Kentucky Derby in 2007 and won easily. Going into the next leg of the Triple Crown, Barbarbo was the odds on favor.  It seemed that he could have been the next Triple Crown winner, but it was not to be.  High quality Giclee prints of original  Barbaro horse paintings by Nick Martinez.

    from $95.00

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  • “Bernardini Winning 2006 Travers Stakes”

    “Bernardini Winning 2006 Travers Stakes”

    Bernardini, winning the 2006 Travers Stakes, with jockey Javier Castellano up.

    from $95.00

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  • “Fearless Vision”

    “Fearless Vision”

    The image, ‘Fearless Vision’, is a portrait depicting the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro created as a gift for the New Bolton Center.  The Veterinary Clinic that worked for over 8 months trying to save him. Look into the eye of this image; one would see the reflection of the Twin Spires, thus the name Fearless Vision. The people would always remember him.

    from $95.00

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  • “Street Sense”

    “Street Sense”

    Street Sense foaled February 23, 2004 in Kentucky. He was the winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Travers Stakes in 2007. He is now one of the top stallions of the world.

    from $95.00

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